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Moving too fast with purchases?

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Ok, I've always loved music. Car audio, home theater, music, etc.

I love electronics in general, anyway, when I first purchased my Note 3 I discovered that there were IEMS/CIEMS, that cost over $1000k. I am pretty active at XDA, love rooting, custom ROMs, etc. Learned there about this place, which I was completely amazed at the cost of things.

It took me a little bit but, I purchased some decent headphones, embarrassingly Beats, which I returned that same day, horrendous.

Tried etymotic 4rp I believe, didn't like, then let VS GR07BE. I liked those, but I wanted more. I'm a bass head... so I did some research and narrowed it down to a few different models.

I attempted to demo 1964ears, that failed as they were not responsive at all. So, my next choice was to just buy a pair.

I thought I did a moderate amount of research, and purchased Heir Audio 8.a. I PMed a few members, they suggested waiting as Wizard would be up soon. I had already sent my money to Heir.

that was in October. I let them sit at heir for months, just too busy at work, life, etc. Said the hell with it bought universal fit 8.a.

Loved the sound, for me it's perfect, just what I wanted. Of course I wonder about 8.c from Noble, which had I waited and paid a little more attention I would have had.

I think I have them for a month, I also just added an RSA Intruder, and am sending money for balanced cables today. Of course, my new thing is a DAC for the ipod.

Doing lots of research again, but my instincts are telling me to slow down. Just wondering, you guys agree? Should I learn more to listen to what I have before spending any more money?

sorry for the long story, just wanted to give my limited background.
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"$1000k"?? That'd be $1 million. I'm assuming that's a typo for 1k or $1000. Lol.


There is no such thing as moving too fast. Buy models that will hold resale value, such as used SE535's or W4r's or ER4P's (i.e. cIEM's are great, I have 4, but they are hard to sell if you dont want them anymore), so you can audition as many cans or IEM's as possible at the same time. Call it an investment ;)

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Lol, yes. $1k.

I only have one set of IEMS, I wonder why so many people have so many pairs. I've done a lot of reading, and people will have the best IBM from a particular line, and also a moderately priced one from the same line.

I am still learning, but I don't understand the point of that yet. For me, I have my 8.a, I have zero desire to try anything else from that line.

That being said, I am curious about Jh13, Noble K10, Roxanne, and other CIEMS that have a similar sound signature to what I like.

Thanks for your insight.
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The 8.A is definitely an improvement from my 4.A, just make sure you get the Magnus 1 cable b/c that makes a big difference. Have you tried the AKG K3003i? They're better than any other IEM or cIEM i've heard, and you can get them slightly used on amazon for just <$1000, which is a steal (MSRP $1.5k i think). 


The K3003i has amazing clarity (I own 2 pairs), and because it's a universal (not cIEM), you can still sell it for around the same price you got it at if you don't like it. But that won't happen because you will love it. 


The sound signature is V-shaped, slightly bass-heavy because of the 2 BA + 1 Dynamic driver configuration. 

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I actually have the universal 8.a, and I have the Magnus 1, which I love, no microphonics. I am ordering a new cable today, TWAG Hybrid, going balanced as it should make a big difference with RMA Intruder.

Those phones sound like my type. I've never heard dynamic, have to check that out for sure.

I've literally heard nothing other than 8.a. Thankfully, I am happy with that purchase otherwise I'd be crying for that price. I still need and want to hear more, so I have a better reference point. 8.a could be crap for all I know, I just know they are better than anything I've heard.
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Well the K3003i isn't just a dynamic; it's a dynamic driver + 2 balanced armature driver hybrid. My advice: stick with the 8.A but stop ordering customs, they are practically impossible to resell at a good price. 


In my experience (I have/have had 30+ IEM's ranging from $150 to $1500), BA/dynamic hybrids, with the proper crossover, is unbeatable. A low-end BA driver just can't produce the same bass as a dynamic driver, and conversely, a high-end dynamic driver can't reproduce the sparkly highs of BA drivers. So a hybrid is ideal.


There's one on amazon marketplace right now open box for ~999. If you don't like it you could always resell it on headfi and maybe take a $100-150 loss.. 

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I'd suggest you slow down, attend a meet, listen to a lot of gear and then decide. I'm assuming there is a meet reasonably close, however if you have to drive a long way and stay over night, or fly
to the meet you'll stile save money in the long run. Meets are organized so members, new & old, can listen to gear they're unfamiliar with. Good luck.
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@gradofan- thanks, those do sound nice. I will keep them on my little list of future possibilities for sure. Just what I like it seems.

@fatcat- Thank you, I will try and attend a meeting in the near future. I'd really enjoy that. That's an excellent suggestion.
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Get the new 6 drivers Westone W60 (release soon), or the Shure SE846 (4 drivers) if you want one now.

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So much for getting help slowing down here!!

I do plan on adding an additional IEM at some point, that will likely be months down the road as of now, I'm extremely happy with the sound signature of Heir 8.a. I definitely want to get to a meet. Hopefully there is a meet in South Florida and it coordinates with my hectic work schedule.

I'm waiting on my balanced cables for my phones and the Intruder. Going to continue reading and learning a bit more, while refilling my "discretionary" fund.

I am considering one small upgrade, a new ipod. I have the 1st Gen touch, but I truly enjoy the sound of the 5th Gen my Fiancé has. To me it sounds a bit clearer, but I'm still going to wait on that until I receive my micro-mini USB and get to hear the DAC/AMP combo with my Note 3.

i was toying with grabbing a DX90, that is on my radar so to speak, but as much as I despise Apple, I do prefer their UI for a portable music player.
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How about the AK100 MK2 instead?  It doesn't cost that much more than a 64 Gb iTouch but sounds much better.

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I'll go revisit that one as well. I know I looked at their line, perhaps I dismissed it too soon? I don't remember why, maybe I was looking at the wrong model...
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Originally Posted by warrior1975 View Post

I'll go revisit that one as well. I know I looked at their line, perhaps I dismissed it too soon? I don't remember why, maybe I was looking at the wrong model...

Sure, just remember that the original AK100 isn't that good, so look for the MK2 version instead.  The Sony NZW-ZX1 is another good choice if you want Android.

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I love Android. I wasn't aware that Sony was based on Android, that I will definitely check out. Thank you so much!!

From what little I've searched, the only drawback is that there is no SD card or additional storage.
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True, but wifi or DLNA hdd works on those. Other than the ZX1, they also has the F886 and F807.
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