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For Sale: iBasso DX90

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
iBasso DX90

Will Ship To: Anywhere


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Originally Posted by kamp2024 View Post

For Sale a iBasso DX90 as new, nearly two weeks old


Comes with all accessoires, buyer pays transport, paypall is for me

This price is $100 over the US sticker, new! Are you sure about this price?



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Maybe he/she is in Europe and bought it for a bigger price tag than US guys, says "ships anywhere" just to cover anything but I think that European people will be interested in this.

GLWTS mate :)

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It might usually be an advantage to buy it as already imported, but as ibasso knows how to declare their goods in regard to customs and taxes, europeans will as well get a new unit for aprox 300€
The only thing is the "must have" factor, as they are sold out, so i guess you will find a buyer, im fightin with my inner voice screaming to me "buy it, buy it"! :-)
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it's listed as 419 USD on ibasso's website.

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Originally Posted by DrewK View Post

it's listed as 419 USD on ibasso's website.

And this seller is pricing at the equivalent of $518...with no feedback.

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He is probably european and here in europe we have much higher prices that people in the us so this is a fair price, if you are worried about your safety just use paypal and pay as "goods". I bought my w40s for 399 pounds, I guess selling them here won't worth it..


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yea. Maybe it is more expensive in eu. 

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Just for your info... In the EU it'll be sold at around 350-360 Euros... (brand new from authorized retailers). ;) 

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Updated info...

350€ for a dx90 and a sandisk class 10 64Gb microsd in a spanish web site... smily_headphones1.gif

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