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For Sale:
Focal Spirit Pro

Hello here I have these Focal Spirit Pro in excellent condition.
I barely used them when I had them.
They do not look used.
They also are not broken in either.
At the time I had them, I was too busy breaking in my Sony 750 so didn't get around to these Focal.
So they have less than 5hrs head time.
I forgot about them on my rack as I have 4 other portables there also catching dust and
Nowadays, my head time is only with the ed8 and the oppo pm1.
They have impressive soundstage maybe one of best in a closed can.
I kept them as they are a great monitor can,
While I sold of the Sony7520 and Nad50.
Now it is time for them to go to be enjoyed instead of catching dust.
The only issue is that since I believed I would always keep them, I discarded the box they came in.
So these will be sold with original cable only.
The cable had those talk buttons.
I also have a nice pouch for them.
Better for you to get a great deal.

PayPal and shipping included for simplicity of transaction.
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