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Hi All,


I recently purchased some Atomic Floyd Minidarts. Super clear sound.

I have done some research on these buds and portable amp/DAC's though I have (what may seem) a rudimentary question.


The specs are these:

Atomic Floyd Minidarts-

-Sensitivity (1 kHz): 107dB SPL/mW
-Impedance (1 kHz): 17Ω
-Frequency range: 20 - 18,000Hz


iPhone 5s for iPod.



For some of my music I would like more bass depth.


Now this may sound like a ridiculous question but I am out of my depth here. I am wondering what benefit I would gain from adding an amp or amp/DAC to my setup based on the Frequency range of 20 - 18,000Hz on the Minidarts.


1. Can I get deeper bass out of these earbuds that give this frequency range?


2. Will I just get distortion because they're not built for those lower frequencies?


3. What would be a recommendation for a portable amp or amp/DAC (towards the mid-budget end of the scale) that would benefit my setup?



Thanks in advance :)

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