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For Sale:
iBasso DX90

Will Ship To: Asia

iBasso DX90 like new.  Includes all packagings and accessories.  I only had it for a week.  I am in Hong Kong and prefer local pick up.  I can ship to Singapore but cannot ship with the battery because of postal rules. You will need to buy the Samsung battery.  Preferably if you are in Hong Kong then I can meet you.  I can also ship to the US if you are willing to pay the postage.  Shipping to EU is too much of a hassle with Customs.


Why I am selling:


This is my first ever hi res player and I was curious so bought one to see what it was like.  I have been using iPod and CLAS and so far very happy.  I was in Tokyo last month and bought a new Centrance hi-fi M8 and it is much better than the CLAS.  With all those goodies I don't really need a hi res player.  I downloaded a few 24/192 FLAC tracks and they sound great out of the DX90 but I can also convert them to 24/48 and play them via the iPod.  It isn't as nice as 24/192 but nice enough.  The only reason why I would want to keep the DX90 is that I don't want to carry a brick around.  


I bought a new Samsung 64GB SDXC micro card and will include it.


If you need photos please let me know.