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DVD-A Discs on the Laptop

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Hey everyone!


I'm fairly new to the high-fidelity game, and only new have begun keeping a keen eye out for more interesting products.  One such is DVD-A discs / surround sound music DVDs - actually, their inclusion in the Genesis 1970-1975 box set sparked my interest in this whole field.  I will be living as a student in confined spaces for a while, so headphones and my laptop will be my go-to sound haven.  After scouring the web, especially this forum, I'm largely set on purchasing the HD-600's and the JDS Labs O2+ODAC in the coming month or so.


However, some questions remain (again, I apologize for my current ineptitude):


1) Will these DVD-A's be able to run from my laptop, and at their intended quality?  Are there special programs needed to run DVD-A's on computers?

2) Will it be futile to play surround sound discs on headphones? Can headphones replicate it in a way, or will it simply produce a higher-quality stereo mix?



Any information is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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I havent tried it myself but I believe Foobar, among other audio players, can play DVD-A.

As for whether multichannel is worth it on headphones, I imagine that is a very system dependent and subjective question.
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I wonder if it is worth it to purchase multichannel mixes for headphones... a regular stereo mix would likely do the job with headphones, I suppose.


So, if you can play DVD-A's via a computer's disc drive... if you're computer reads blu ray... could you play the recent Pure Audio releases?  Is there a program for that like Foobar?

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