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Foobar Mobile Fundraiser

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Browsing the Foobar website, they are making a fundraiser for Foobar Mobile. You can support it here:



I'll be really excited if this gets funded, you can even get a pair of IEM's for donating in a specific price bracket. 

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Sigmund says:

"It's a bad a case of Pono Envy as has ever been seen. It couldn't stay up and there will be no consummation or issue."
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Really, Pono Envy?

Where did you pull that from?
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There is this odd thing called culture. There is another weird thing called history. There was history and culture before TV. Some of it even happened in weird like even foreign countries. o rilly. Ya right.
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Which applies to the foobar2000 mobile kickstarter in what way?

Or is it just that they are using kickstarter to help develop the software?
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Normally in life there is a lot of bs. Sometimes there is ds. OK I will stop teasing you now.

The whole foobar mobile thing is simply nonsense. These guys are mostly obsessed with hating the actions of people who don't subscribe to their extremely proscriptive and blinkered opinions. Anyone kisses their substantial spotty posteriors and it is all treated as sweet reason and due deference. Anyone neglects to kiss up then it quickly becomes apparent that religious/irrational/self-regarding intolerance is not unheard of in people who claim the holy shield of reason.

The foobar2000 developer and contributors did make a great win32 audio player. Nobody could dispute that. But over many years they could not have been less interested in any platform outside of Windows x32. What they really hate and what has really motivated one of the lamest and most desperately crap kickstarters seen so far is that Neil Young's Pono actually gained the kind of following that put its money where its mouth is, has working prototypes, and has the support of actual productive and creative persons who have experienced the products and endorsed it. If you visit Hydrogen Audio, owned and managed by the foobar2000 dev, you will find the home thread of this ex-kickstarter disaster and notice that it is not a positive effort but more an expression of bitterness and bile. They can't even make an audio playback app without expressing sad and pathetic and envious sentiments about people who for four decades have been there, done that and are still trying to do it better. I think foobar200 is a great player but the community and groupthink it has engendered makes me want to take an ess aich eye tee.
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Why on earth did you not just put that in your post instead of the silly Sigmund says: comment?

I totally agree that the Foobar2000 mobile kickstarter is lacking and half baked. There is no mockups of the possible user interfaces for each of the mobile OSs that the kickstarter covers, to me that's a massive stay away.
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Originally Posted by A_Man_Eating_Duck View Post

Why on earth did you not just put that in your post instead of the silly Sigmund says: comment?

Maybe I am just quackers. Or all ducked up. Or a psychoanalyst.
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Hello ducky,

on a more serious note:

my post was actually made to a different thread (not started by me) several days ago and for reasons unknown to me that thread was locked and then without my knowledge my contribution to it was copied in full by site mods or admins and inserted into this new thread. It's a bit like waking up and not knowing where you are or why you are there but having an odd sense of deja vu combined with a mild hangover while not knowing if this is a good or a bad thing but being desperately grateful for the attention. Pathetic, I know. Sorry it led to me being a bit of a dick in addressing a bit of a duck. What to do? No personal offence was intended, just some cheap laughs even if only my own.
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No offense taken. I thought you were going to copy and paste that in to every thread about the foobar2000 kickstarter and not actually voice your opinion.
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I was seriously considering doing so but luckily it seems da management will do it for me tongue.gif

And thank you for being more tolerant and patient than I ever achieve biggrin.gif If there was a pond near here I would be heading there now with breadcrumbs, anchovies and other lucky ducky treats. Fortunately there is no such thing in Hove so I will just stay put and have another glass of the good stuff and relax.
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I would be very careful if i were in a pond near you (I've killed before) or i could be someone just having some nice BBQ Duck.

Who knows.....
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OK I don't want to get smoked, roasted or even braised however good the sauce.

If I ever get a PONO I will let you borrow it so long as you promise to keep it dry (water off a duck's back and all that).
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