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For Sale:
FS: Bravo Audio Ocean (stock and Mullard 12AU7 tubes) (Free UK Shipping!!)

Will Ship To: UK/EU

Recently got a new Ocean as my old one broke and no longer need it because I have too many tube amps. This is a great budget tube amp, and great for a tube noob, very easy to swap out tubes.


This unit has very little use, and I put a Mullard 12AU7 tube in it as it is a big upgrade over the stock chinese tube.


Also I put some glue over the LED so it isn't quite as bright (blinding when stock)


Some minor scratches can be found on the front panel, but nothing bad.


Rubber feet installed on the bottom but can be removed easily.


UK power adapter included.


Free UK Shipping, EU add £8


Paypal gift or buyer pays fees. Can add in a cheap 3.5mm - RCA for an extra £3


Looking for a quick sale