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So i'm new to head-fi and need some advice on headphones.  My wife would like to buy some wireless headphones for me, and is looking at the Sennheiser RS110's on Amazon (she's not very tech saavy so she asked me for help lol).  Are there any downsides in terms of sound quality?  From what i've read it is important to feed the transmitter with a decent amount of power too, otherwise it will shut off after a few minutes.  She would probably be using these too (we have a 1.5 year old who goes to bed early) so the solution needs to be user friendly.  We would like to be able to watch tv/dvds/listen to music with this, would it work if these sources were fed into a receiver, and then plug the Sennheiser transmitter into the headphone jack?  Also, this product is discontinued, are there any concerns about buying it from that perspective?  Would it be better to just hook all the sources to the Onkyo, and use a wired extension and grado headphones?  (got a set of those that sound really nice).  Thanks!