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Hi All,


I have a friend who loves her Shure SE425 IEMs.  She wears them all the time under her helmet when riding her Harley.  She gone through a couple of pairs of replacement cables because of the stress encountered when putting on or removing her helmet while wearing these over-the-ear IEMs.  Lately however, the connection to the IEM itself has gotten loose and now produces an intermittent  buzzing noise due to the cable no longer having a tight connection (with minimal play) to the single post on this IEM.  The connection is one that allows the cable to rotate on the IEM, a fundamental flaw in the design of this and other IEMs (IMHO).


Does anyone know or have experience with a company or reputable person who can open this IEM and replace the rotating cable connector found on the SE425 with a standard non-rotating '2 post" cable connection?  She could just buy new SE425 IEMs but she really likes these and would have the same problem again over time with a new pair unless she bought differently.


Thanks in advance,