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Ive had a pair of XB1000s for 3 years. Havent heard anything that would make me change or want another pair of headphones within those years. But time is finite and there will be a point when these headphones have noticeably aged.


And like all good things, they have come to an end.... im rather late to the mourning party though lol. Still cant believe they discontinued that line. Now its just a bunch of flashy crapware.

Im going to need a pair of headphones. And im not gonna drop $600+ on ebay to some random person for another set of XBs.


Has anyone released or plan to release a pair of headphones that at least get close the sheer amount of bass that im used to? My max price for a pair of headphones is still around $300. I dont feel comfortable paying more than that because i dont think its necessary. But that is my opinion and probably for another topic.

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