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Newbie needs advice thank you!

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Budget: 500-600$ (including amp)

Usage: 70 percent at home 30 percent on the go


Need help with a good pair of headphones and portable amp.Listen to EDM, rock, rap, hip hop , pretty much anything that sounds good..


Not sure what else i should mention if any furthur information is required please ask me. Also i am located in the usa.

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Any ideas on the sennheiser hd 600 or the hifiman 400?? Also can i power them with a fio e17??

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You can power the HE-400 even with a DAP or phone, though not recommended. The sound for HE-400 is slightly brighter and livelier than the smooth HD600.
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If you haven't read them yet, check out these reviews of the HE-400 and HD600:
I think they do a pretty good job of describing the differences between them.

The HE-400s are not hard to drive in terms of impedance (unlike the HD600s). They are just inefficient. So they will sound very good with a phone or DAP. They just may not get loud enough for you without an amp. E17 will work pretty well with them.

Not sure about the HD600 because I have very limited experience with them, but my guess is that the E17 would work OK with them. Certainly better than a phone or a DAP, which are generally not good for high impedance headphones.
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Open headphones wont work well as portables because of the lack of isolation. You could get a good closed and open headphone at this budget. Maybe something like shure 1440 or hifiman he400 + donscorpio dolphin + fiio e17 or schitt modi and magni
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Buy an Ultrasone PRO 900 ($499 right now on amazon marketplace, so within your budget). Very light for portable use, doesn't require an amp, and they're well-known for their amazing bass frequency response. 

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Also the PRO900's are closed back, so it isolates well for being on the go (everything else being discussed here is open back, which is NOT ideal for portable use). IMO the PRO900's are the best value in the Ultrasone line, come with a long 5 year warranty, and even hold their ground against the Edition 8 (I've owned many ultrasone models).

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