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reasonable pair of over-ears

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Ok so im not an audiophile guy typically but i really need a good headset as some of the sounds that i hear coming out of my current sets sound worse to me by the day. i want a good pair of over-ears, preferably with a velvet ear cup like the hd 598's have (i believe). and i definitely would like open-back because i plan to have them on for quite extended period and my closed backs make my ears sweat after about an hour and i like to hear whats around me. id like to spend under 300$ and it should have a 6.3 mm. the 6.3 is not as big a deal but it is prefered. i'll be listening to rock music mostly and probably use them for gaming to bass is not important to me whatsoever as long as it has a little bit and doesnt overpower. if i clearly screwed up some info here please correct me because i am new to this site and would love to learn more.

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I recommend Philips Fidelio X1.
It fits your budget and sounds nice.
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amp is no problem it will almost always be used for my computer which i plan on putting a high quality sound card intothat has a built in amp.

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You mentioned the HD 598s.  They are a fine pair of headphones.  Are you not considering them?  You should.

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