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For Sale: Lampizator Big 6 DSD DAC

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For Sale:
Lampizator Big 6 DSD DAC

Will Ship To: USA

For sale a like-new (9/10 rating) Lampizator Big 6 DAC with independent DSD DAC module and Dueland caps. DAC includes RCA output, USB input, BNC digital input. Manual switch on front panel to select DSD or PCM modules. No volume control as I wanted the cleanest signal path possible (all headphone amps have volume controls, and my speaker amp also has volume control).  Sells for $8900 new when converted to US$.  Unit was received new in December 2013 (i.e., 4 months old and under 100 hours of listening). DAC is the best I've ever owned for both DSD and PCM (includes Berkely, Playback Designs, Weiss, Metric Halo, Metrum, Mytek, Empirical Audio, Auralic Vega, Lumin, PS Audio PWD, etc.). Only DAC that I've enjoyed as much on PCM that I've had in my system is the top of the line MSB stack w femto clock; NONE touch the performance of this DAC's DSD, which is a very unique design that can be studied on the Lampizator web site. This DAC punches WAY above it's weight class / price point, and is the most analog/soothing yet detailed DAC I've had in my system. The USB implementation is excellent, I compared using an Empirical Audio Off Ramp 5 (fully loaded with Paul Hynes add-ons, etc.) and I preferred the overall presentation of the built in USB input (plus the added convenience of an easy switch to DSD without changing cables, etc.). The ultimate test for me is how long I can sit still listening to digital without feeling compelled to change music or get up and leave the room or have distracting thoughts. Similar to vinyl, the Lampizator provides that experience for me. This is especially the case with the DSD module and good source files. I'm only selling as I had the opportunity to have a custom configured level 7 DAC produced by Lukasz and will be arriving shortly (Big 7 format). Really love this DAC and hate to see it go, but don't have a second system to use it with and so should go to a good home.


Finally, I purchased a very nice NOS matched pair of National Union VT-99 black round plate tubes which I've been using in the DAC. Lukasz put his favorite VT-99's in the DAC (NOS Sylvania) which have a slightly warmer sound, while the National Union are slightly more extended in the HF's. Happy to include these with the DAC as I don't have any other application for the tubes.


Please feel free to PM with any questions. Plenty of feedback and trades here of other high-end gear, or can provide my ID from other sites as well if helpful.  Shipping to Continental U.S. via insured Fedex.  Paypal please add 3%.

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