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Sony MDR V6 help/ear cup mod

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Hi Folks .....


Recently I've been frustrated with my SOOY MDR V6 headphones that I use for bus travel to work....  I think that I blew the left channel somehwere along the way ... as I am bass and low mids heavy in the right channel.


SO i ordered a new driver ... no big deal ....


I did a cable upgrade that turned out really nice, but I'm suspicious that moving things around where the cable enters the ear cup may be the culprate to my troubles....


Ive searched and searched ad can't seem to find a decent discussion on adding some sort of heavy weight plumbers putty (or that blue stuff for hanging  posters) to the inside of the ear cup.  Does anyone have expereince with this?


There also seems to be some discussion about "removing foam from the drivers" but I can't find an actual explination


Anybody have any thoughts on my cunundrum


Thanks for all your help



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I'm not too sure what you're asking for here... so you've replaced the driver and things are ok, but you're worried about the left side blowing out again? Putting in putty or other damping materials isn't going to change that.

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I havn't actually replace the drive yet as I havn't received it.............. just looking for info on modding by adding putty inside the ear cup...to see what happenes as I may have changed the inside dynamics of the earcup by stuffing the new cable through the hole.

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A new cable isn't going to make a huge difference unless you've changed the cup volume or added holes somewhere.


As for modding, a different set of pads will produce a large change. Actually, cutting out the inner ring of fabric on the existing pad (to expose the foam) will smooth out the treble range quite a bit.

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