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I mostly listen to classical music,both solo, chamber, and orchestral, but not including vocal, so the vocal performance is not relevant in my selection of SACD players.

I have some collections of SACDs, but haven't been able to experience the SACD layer, I really want to taste what SACDs sound like. And of course, my collection of CDs is much more than SACDs, so I don't want to sacrifice CD playback - I need a SACD player that can play the CD layer much better than the average CD players, but can also play the SACD layer.


I am considering Yamaha CD-S1000, Marantz SA-8005, Denon DCD-1520ae, etc.

I will set a amp along with this SACD player. USB-DAC or any other PChifi functions are not necessary for me. My only demand is the sound....


Which one should I choose?