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Sounds like a HUGE improvement over the current model. I hope they agree to the Q&A!

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Originally Posted by White Lotus View Post

Also throwing this out there:
New Digizoid Zo will possibly cost $250.

Too costly. $200 I could see..........this has to be a game changer at that price. We shall see. I was in to buy one but now I will wait.
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What is it besides an amp?  Why the stupid marketing?  A portable subwoofer?

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I lost interest in the new ZO. $250 is way too much and my confidence in Digizoid wasn't too high to begin with. 

I was hoping for a $150 MSRP



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

It looks like input/output is on top. Volume and bassboost SmartVektor ‘FullSpec’ technology (low & high end adjustment) switch on the right and usb on the lower left.

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They already did a q&a on the Facebook page.
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Originally Posted by quisxx View Post

They already did a q&a on the Facebook page.

A lot of us (myself included) had no idea until it was over.
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Originally Posted by nipponbiki View Post

What is it besides an amp?  Why the stupid marketing?  A portable subwoofer?



Digizoid products are rather popular amongst bassheads. The ZO is a neat little unit - it can effectively give any source a huge mid-bass slope via EQ.


A lot of sources struggle with EQ, and trying to do use it effectively can have all sorts of effects on battery life, overall sound quality, etc. To avoid these issues, the Digizoid ZO products take care of it all externally.


I have a ZO2.3, this is my favourite configuration to use it in:





It's strapped to another headphone amp.


This is my "on-the-go" basshead stack. It allows me to plug in any source (PSvita, iPad, iPod, phone, in-flight entertainment, etc) into any of my headphones, and provides me with the following:


  • Amplification for headphones that need it
  • Conversion of all sources into a low impedance output, for multi BA IEMs
  • Provides an easy-to-access range of adjustable bass, depending on the application or music genre I might be listening to.

It's not a product for absolutely everyone, definitely aiming at the portable market. But it's one that I personally don't go anywhere without.

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The new ZO seems interesting, but at $250 it's against some big competition. At that price it needs to be better than an E12,..
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I use it much like WL. Double amped with my Arrow 3G which is actually way overkill as the Arrow on level 2 bass boost is a bassheads dream. But with bass boost off, the ZO adds depth and presence to the music that is quite good. I used to double it up with the E-11 and it was a great combo. Put ZO on high gain and control the volume from the Arrow while adjusting the bass contour via the ZO, it is sweet.
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Here is the full Facebook Q&A done by Paul Berg, the founder and engineer of Digizoid. 




 QuestionAny chance that the "bypass" feature comes back in the future? For me it's been a major convenience to have it since I'm a hobbyist mastering engineer that keeps mastering tracks for newcomer producers on a daily basis and I often keep checking how it sounds both with ZO on and off.
Answer: the ZO3+ may be perfect for your need. When switching SmartVektor off (a.k.a, bypass), the flat amp of the ZO3+ smoothly transitions on at the same volume and gain level as with SmartVektor. Therefore, no need to adjust mixer levels for equal loudness.



 QuestionIs the flat amp on the ZO3+ separate and could potentially be added onto a vanilla ZO3 or is it built in? Also what kind of power output are we looking at with and without the extra amp?
Answer: the flat amp of the ZO3+ will be separate from the basic ZO3 circuit. However when included, it will smoothly switch between the SmartVektor and flat amp just by toggling the switch. Both the ZO3's amp and the flat amp will have the same gain and power output, so that you can hear the difference with and without SmartVektor without any cable swapping or volume adjustment. Our preliminary estimates using the engineering sample are in the 500mW range (at 16 ohms).


 QuestionWhen do you expect to begin shipping the ZO3? Will you ship internationally or only within the US?
Answer: we anticipate the ZO3 to begin shipping both in the US and internationally by early July as manufacturing is going along well so far.



 QuestionSo now that SmartVektor is patented I seem to remember it being mentioned that you may start licencing it out to other manufacturers for implementation into their own products. Is that accurate and can you talk about anything that might be in the pipes?
Answer: we prefer at this time to leverage the technology for digiZoid branded products. However, we have been contacted by a mfg of high end audiophile headphones ($1000+ variety) regarding a potential partnering relationship. Nothing solidified yet, just in the discussion phase.


 QuestionHow much will this cost upon release?
Answer: we are anticipating an initial price of ZO3 at $249.


 QuestionMy number one concern about ZO3 is the sound signature, I'm the person that actually prefers the sound of the first iteration of ZO2 (v2.1) compared to ZO2.3 (I have both). The ZO2.1 has a more lush and "full-bodied" / thick midrange section which I like. I find the ZO2.3 slightly bit V-shape sounding. This is also why I've sometimes suggested that the treble adjustment would be cool to be able to actually lower too and not only increase. I mean if I already think the treble is too much at the lowest setting the treble adjustment won't personally do me any good.  I hope the midrange will be slightly more forward in the ZO3 compared to ZO2.3, especially because it has the treble adjustment.
Answer: the extensive adjustability of the ZO3 combined with ~10x greater power should allow you to dial in a sound to your liking.


 QuestionWhere did you come up with the idea for the Smartvector tech and how did you set about seeing if it could be done?
Answer: Its a long long story. Like many inventions, it was partially accidental. While designing and selling an early headphone amp, customers were asking for more bass response. I set out to find a way to do this but not by following the industry norms. Rather I ignored the rules and experimented with my own thing. One day, I added some new circuitry to the existing headphone amp and the bass magically blew me away. That was the beginning (long story short).


 QuestionMajor differences between my beloved ZO2 and the 3?
Answer: the ZO3 is quite an advancement over the ZO2 model. ZO3 has a full color OLED screen where each bass, treble, and volume setting is set by number (precise adjustment).The audio components were all specially selected and tested to be the best available audiophile grade (ultra low noise suppression etc.). Plus the ZO3 has (now patented) Full Spectrum SmartVektor technology. 32 settings for both the bass and treble providing 1024 different sound profiles. Theres a lot more. As you know, over a years worth of development.


 QuestionIsn't it a lot of work to develop the product all by yourself? How do you manage that and in such a short time? I'm very impressed by your work!
Answer: Its not easy. I put in a lot of early to late hours, sometimes I don't even know what day it is. But I enjoy what I do and even more when there are people like yourself that enjoy the stuff I develop


And also this very interesting snippet:


 The ZO3 will be around $249, and a ZO3+ version (with seco
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So from that Q&A it sounds like the difference between the ZO3 and ZO3+ is that the + has a separate flat response amp that you can switch to? Seems kinds pointless for a Basshead.
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10x greater power? Interesting. Hope that's true.
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Type: In Ear

Brand: Atomic Floyd

Model: Superdarts


I would say these deserve a place on the list due to the skull crushing bass the dynamic driver in these babies produces. 

The dynamic driver coupled with a balanced armature in each ear with a V shaped sound signature means in my eyes, these are perfect for baseheads that enjoy dub/electro/dance.

Easily deserve a place on the list for bassheads.


What do you guys think?

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Hey guys, is it true that the ULTRASONE Signature DJ is now discontinued?

I've the Signature Pro's, which are great, but from what I gather the DJ's have a
harder hitting bass with bigger 50mm drivers - strange that they retail below the Pro's?

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They ARE discontinued, but they don't retail below the pros. They go for about $800 USD while the pro goes for about $500 USD

My bad, you were right. I was thinking of the pro 900 for some reason. Lol

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