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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-500 w/ lots of extras (Pads, headband wrap, new cable)

Will Ship To: USA

Up for your consideration is a pair of Hifiman HE-500s with a bunch of extras. I'm marking this as an "interest check" as I may have to sell these to pay for a HE560 preorder if financially things don't go up to my plan. Otherwise, I'd rather keep both if I can. 


Asking $450 + shipping and Paypal fees


Great condition, minor scratches (nearly indistinguishable by sight). Box is in OK shape but the hinges are broken. The headphone is modded (yet all mods are reversible). Mods include:Grille cloth removed and the headband has been taped in a cylinder shape (reversible, helps the new headband stay in place).


Included: Fostex TH angled pads, velour pads, extra coaxial connectors for DIY, Turbulent Labs real leather headband wrap, foam cutouts for grille, black HE-4 cable, and a box.


PM me if you would be interested and thanks for looking!


Do not need to sell anymore! Was able to get both...

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