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I usually lurk on these threads, but I had to create an account to share my experience...



I first purchased a pair of m-80 and after years of wear n tear i started noticing a bit of crackle when i moved the cable (which was alleviated when I switched to the other cable that comes with the m-80).  When I emailed customer service that this was occurring, they told me to cut my current cable, send 'em a picture and they will promptly ship me a new one (free of charge) and it gets in the next day!!!



After i purchased a boommic pro from them and stupidly threw away the y-adapter (allows you to use it with older PC), guess what?  They're shipping me a replacement free of charge tomorrow!!  



My gf uses the m-80s now and claims 'em to be better than any bose/etc she's every used (she was skeptical when i told her to try it).  I rock my m-100s 12hrs a day and will never need anything else (to be fair I am by no means a audiophile, just an average consumer).



This has been the best customer experience i've ever had with any product/industry!  On a side note, I have once called denon about some headphones (powered ones) and asked if the battery was replaceable....after 20mins on the phone and confusion about their product then xfer me to 3rd party that handles service (horrid experience)







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Any other good customer service experiences?

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JDS Labs has unbelievable customer service. John gets back to you at all hours. It leaves me wondering when he sleeps.
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