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Denon ah-1001 recovery

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I have had my Denon ah-1001 since 2009. That's nearly 5 years now. I haven't been bothered to upgrade and although I'm thinking about it and read countless reviews I still can't decide what I'm going to get so in the meantime I am looking for suggestions as to what to do with my Denons' as they are falling apart but still working.


So the problem is the headband is falling apart which I have taped up to hold together and the earpads are beginning to fall apart too. The drivers and cable are perfect working order.


Is there anyway I could take the drivers out and rehouse them in another headband, one I could buy or make myself for example ?   ( overly ambitious?? ) 

Anyone know where I can get replacement earpads and even into the bargain improve isolation somehow buy using an non-denon pair?


I prolly will eventually buy a v-moda m-80 / m-100 or sennheiser amperior when I have the cash but I would still like to keep and refurbish my Denon's if I can.


Thanks for any usefull suggestions.

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D1001 use the same driver as the first Creative Aurvana Live, and they even have sameish housing (not exactly the same), so maybe that.
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Yeah the only problem with that is I need to find say on ebay an aurvana live with faulty drivers but in-good-nick headband and don't think there is a high chance of finding that - unless someone on here has one !

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I have a pair of Denon ah-1001 headphones since 2009. They are pretty wrecked now but I love the sound and wish to repair them. I need new earpads and a new headband. I would like to mod the D510 or the D310 with my d1001 driver but I'm not sure if it would work as I don't know if the dimensions are the same on both units. Would anyone have a clue ? Thanks.

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The D310 and D1001 seem to share the same driver/baffle assembly, but this is judging from briefly looking at disassembly pictures via a Google image search, so don't quote me.


Originally Posted by Tangster View Post

The Denon AH-D1001, D1100, D510, D310 and Creative Aurvana Live earpads are all interchangeable.





These look nice.


Seems cheaper to buy the D510 to me, but depends on what you're trying to do.



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Yeah thanks for the link. Your right the replacement pads are a bit pricey but that's the first time I've seen them available anywhere. Anyhow I intend to use the earpads from a used D510 and put then on mine then take the cups off my headband and put then on the D510 : )  Thant's the plan anyway. 

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