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As a newbie here coming from; Parasond P5 Balanced Audio Tech VK55 power tubes Vienna Acoustics, NAD 1050 DAC, Arcam Preamp Parasound A21, rcam rDAC and D-Sonic 1200 wpc power amp into Gunned Magnepan 1.6's I purchased my first headphones Beyers DT AE 770s with NDA DAC and Bellari amp with 5 different tubes Tun Sol golds my fave so far. unfortunately I get Parasound, Classe, B&K, Arcam, Marantz, Rotel, monitor, REL, KEF and a few other that I can get for cost. No good cans from these companies. Ive got allot tied up into 2-chanel audio but wanted some feedback on cans the would go well with current Bellari? Closed would be prefered even though im a Maggie guy. Love the looks of a nice rich colored wood finish w/o price of the hand rubbed canns costing $1800+

Thanks and greetings to all. If anyone might need a component from my list, email me @
Thanks for any help