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I have lurked here for a while but as I recently purchased new headphones based on a short list informed by this forum I thought I would contribute. I have owned many different brand and types of phones over the years, but recently acquired a beyerdynamics dt880 600 ohm premier. I chose it based on SQ and comfort as they are intended for long periods of wearing while working as well as for attentive listening. So far I am very pleased. They replace a set of grado sr-80s. While I liked their sq after 30 min my ears hurt too much wearing them, and I tried different pads to no avail. Anyway it was time for something more serious and more comfortable. I have own, have owned and heard many senns but while I understand the appeal and logic of their typical sound signature, I prefer something less dark and more airy. The dt 880 fits the acoustic and physical bill.
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You chose well.  See:



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