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For Sale: Grado RS-1, hardly used

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For Sale:
Grado RS-1, hardly used

Will Ship To: Anywhere

OK, these are back up for sale...the previous "buyer" turned out to be a scam, and thankfully I didn't bite (no, I will not ship to you unless you have a verified PayPal Address...if you don't have a verified PayPal address, I need a retina scan, clearance from Homeland Security, a DNA sample, and 2 vials of O negative blood and your first born child until the trade clears).


These are well-known RS-1's; one of the best headphones if you like guitar and that definitive Grado house sound. Not used too much, as I have a full-blown Stax 007 system for my main  setup and I don't use portables much these days. (These are not really portable size, but they are very light and easy to wear for long periods).


Previous listing price was discounted to $440 US + $29 shipping to anywhere in mainland US or Canada. I will only ship overseas if no North American interest. Offers under this will be rejected...these are lower than market please no "$400 and ship them to New Zealand" (yes, someone sent me that offer and then was surprised when I didn't answer :).


I don’t trade much on Headfi, but am well-known at Audiogon, where I have bought and sold over 150K in high-end gear. (same user name: lornecherry).

Buyer pays Paypal fees (to confirmed addresses). International OK, but will give North American buyers first choice, as I would prefer not to ship overseas, unless to someone with 200+ posts and a solid trading record. No scams, shams or Shamwow low-ballers please …I priced these to sell fast. - Lorne


PS, pictures are a bit dark from tablet...there seems to be a light or flash reflection that looks like a scratch; there are no scratches that I can see and I have the original box...headphones will be double boxed for shipping.

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