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Just be aware that the DT990s have VERY aggressive treble.


I personally love my gaming setup combo - a Hero modded, HD555-pad-replaced Sennheiser PC350 that I got for a steal on eBay. I use it with a Xonar DG and Dolby Headphone. It rocks for BF4.

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So my browser crashed when typing up the full review...so im going to try and compress it to save some time. Everything came in Friday, i got the FIIO e7/e09k combo, and after worrying myself with reviews online saying the e09k would not work with the e7, i stumbled upon a post that said it was fixed in the newer model, and so far im having 0 issues. The comfort is amazing, by far the most comfortable pair of headphones i have owned. I love being able to tune the bass when listening to house music like Monster cat, and classic rock sounds great. I do believe these would benefit from a good burn in. It seems like with heavier rock music ex A day to remember, adept, heavier almost screamo types of music. That it seems somewhat smashed together. And although it sounds good, it doesen't have the seperation i was kind of expecting. Im not sure if it's the music/genre itself, or the headphones. So far it is the only minor (and i mean super minor) flaw i have felt when using them over the course of the weekend. I even did something unheard of for me. When't and looked up Beethoven. And i can honestly say, my jaw dropped when i heard how clear and separated everything was. It felt like i was right there in the front row. And i definitely see why some people hate the treble on these, it is pretty aggressive, i suppose it's a preference thing, i personally don't mind it; and in some cases actually enjoy it. And even if it is a bit to much sometimes, it's easy to correct with the e7. 

I do have one question however, at the moment im using them with the e7/e09k both set to the lowest gain (quietest settings) possible, would anyone be able to explain what gain actually does? Is it just a volume thing?

Anyway's there's my update. :D thanks to all that recommended me to these. Il be ordering a ant lion mod mic as soon as the 4.0 is released for pre-order to pair them with. 

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