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For Sale: ALO RX MK3 B - Great Condition

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For Sale:
ALO RX MK3 B - Great Condition

Will Ship To: ConUS

After getting the JH16, I went on another buying spree and got the Pico Slim :D. I don't use my other full size cans that much anymore (IEM way more portable), so I have decided to sell my ALO RX MK3-B amp. I bought it from a legendary 135 feedback+ member from here around the same price, so I'll just let it go for $$$$. 


The amp is in great condition. I have included some pictures up top, but if you would more, people feel free let me know! Like I said, the amp is really in great condition and the silver finish along with the solid feel makes the RX MK3 quite a premium product IMO.


The amp will be shipped from North Carolina, and I can usually ship the next day. I will pay shipping, but the buyer please pay Paypal fees. I will be shipping USPS Priority Mail, so the product should arrive within 2-3 days.


Let me know if you have any questions! 

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Hello mate, I've just PM'd you :)

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Hi there, replied!
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Sold to CraftyClown!
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Cheers buddy biggrin.gif
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