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4 Pin XLR Extension Cable

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Hi Folks,

I'll keep it brief. I'm looking to extend my LCD's cable so that if I want to lay in bed, I can pop this guy onto the end of the full size 4 Pin Stereo XLR connector and extend it's range.

Just a 6 foot or so male to female, full sized, 4 Pin XLR Cable. Is this a standardized pinout across the board?
I could just use a straight through 4 Pin XLR cable like is used for lighting equipment right?

I'm not interested in replacing the whole cable, or any snake oil pure silver cabling so please do not suggest anything of that nature.
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You may have to have it made.  You can google or bing 4-pin XLR plug and view the male and female plugs assortments.  Some styles appears to be the same as used on the cables by HIFIMAN for its HE-6 headphone and the HE-Adaptor.  I have also come across people on this site who will make custom cables.  It's a start and good luck   

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Blue Jeans Cables will make one for you if you call or ask via email.

I've been happy with the one I bought. The price seemed to be in line with their normal cables plus the cost of the connectors.
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I ended up having Blue Jeans make me one, however they were very concerned about pin out- which is strange because it was simply to function as an "extension" cable of my original stock cable. It seems to work as intended, but I feel like my headphones dont sound the same anymore, even without the cable- is it possible for a miswired XLR cable to mess up planar dynamics irrevocably?

I saw other 4 pin XLR cables on Amazon, but I just wasn't sure if they could be used for this application.
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