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New to headphones

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Ok. I am about to buy my some over the ear headphones and I was informed it maybe better sound with a headphone amp. I am listen from my tablet so that is what someone stated. I will not be moving the amp since I will use it at work 90% of the time. Maybe bring it home or in the car if on a long trip or something, but not sure.


I was looking at the fiio e11 since people state that is where to start. I just want to see if that is correct place to start from.


I have monoprice 8232 that someone gave me  today, and I am about to spend 100$ on some new over the ear headphones more than likely audio technica ATH-m40x, unless I get some better ideas from other people. I just need to know if the e11 is going to work for my needs since I will be sitting at my desk most of the day using it, or if I should go with something else.

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At your price point, I would suggest putting the money you were going to spend on a headphone amp into the headphones themselves. That will make more of a difference. Then later, you can always get a DAC or amp to improve the sound even further. The DAC should come before an amp for easy to drive headphones in my opinion. If you're only going to use the headphones at your desk maybe consider open headphones as well.
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Since I already have some 8232. I would you suggest I get a DAC/AMP combo now and save up to get some new headphones. Would the Fiio E7 be a good buy?

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since I already have 8232. would you suggest I get a DAC/AMP now and save up and get a nice set of headphones. Is the fiio E7 any good?

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If I were you, I would get a nice pair of headphones and use them out of your current sources for now (unless they need an amplifier, in which case get that first). The DAC and amp with the Monoprice aren't going to sound as good as the new headphones out of your current sources. More important is to get high quality music files, especially if you get a DAC (i.e. 320 KB/s MP3, 256 KB/s AAC, or lossless).
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A good pair of headphones is going to be the best bang for your buck right now. In the $200 price range, you will get great headphones that still don't require an amp (your tablet will be fine).

After you have a pair of headphones that you love, then you can consider a DAC to improve sound quality (and then you might also need an amp since DACs don't have great power output or volume control).
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I agree completely with superjawes.  When I first decided to improve my headphones, I had a department store model of Koss cans that I was not satisfied with.  I bought the Grado sr80i which improved my listening experience immensely.  Most recently, I upgraded from those to the Audeze LCD-2r2 and using the exact same sources, the sound improved exponentially.  All of this happened over the span of a few years and I am just now searching for an amp and DAC to improve my experience.  I hope this helps and I wish you good luck no matter what you choose to do.

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Wow. That is way out of my price range. I am thinking of upgrading to audio-Technica 700mkII or the Beyer DT770 and getting the e07k after that.

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