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I have been looking for additional user comments on the following products,


topping tp32


Micca Spec


It is been difficult to find, so maybe that should tell me something about their popularity. Currently, source of my music is flac files on my laptop and then thru a fiio e11 to either Sennheiser HD380, Grado SR60, or Beyerdynamic DTX 501P. Actually the Beyerdynamics are more often used with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I do the vast amount of my listening thru my laptop. So I started looking for something a bit more convenient that would take up less of a footprint and weight of a laptop. 


I was thinking of the tp32 with the Micca Spec connected via 3.5mm to RCA AV Out Cable. Then I could connect my flac files to USB inpurt of Micca Spec. Granted, I would only plan to do listening via the headphone jack on the TP32, but to me this sounds like a more convenient set up aligned with my use of flac files and preference for listening with headphones.


Am I thinking thru the connections right? I do not have a DAC so the indicated USB DAC capability of the tp32 would introduce me to the technology. For a combined cost of $170 on amazon, it seems like I have found a good solution of source, power, and listening. Any critiques and comments appreciate.