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A major victory for me, perhaps its been academic for most here.  But the final piece of the puzzle was an upgraded router, in my case the Asus -68 series the difference it made over the 66 was impressive, as far as being able to stream monster flac files.  not sure if it would push 24/192 or not my ears arent that good and I dont have anything in that format.


My rig is a synology NAS, connected to the router, serving a Panasonic net connected blue disk player (the render), comming out on HDMI and using a decoupler to take a Coax signal into an Audio-GD NFB-28.  Works flawlessly.....


Only issue is that .wav files are not a recognized mime type, but I will re-buy the one album i bought in .wav from HD tracks.


I control the rig from Bubble UPNP from any android device....


Very happy.... just thought I would share, as I didnt find much info on getting to this destination.... Perhaps others will find it usefull or most likely not.