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Hey there guys.


Before I got into head-fi I bought a pair of bose oe2 headphones. I didnt use them for some time, and when I took them out of the case, the ear cushions had deteriorated, and the pleather got flaky. Also, the headphone cable is sort of broken.


I tried putting them on my ears, and the friction as I took them off basically made them come off from the headphones. I tried putting the cushions to my head in order to line up with the drivers, but the sound is very low volume and tinny. I'm not quite sure if this is because of the cushions or the cable, so I want to buy both.


I recently checked the bose website, and apparently they just discontinued the bose oe2's and ae2's for the "soundtrue" line of headphones. 


My question is:


Will the soundtrue cushions work with my headphones, and how are they different?


Also, the cable used to be 7 bucks, and they added the inline remote so it is now 30.


Any help?