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          I am currently looking for a pair of IEMs for around 150 dollars. If you have to order it from amazon, then please mind that I have to use the Canadian amazon, and a lot of the times it is much pricier here. I am willing to go up to 200.

          Now, my last pair of headphones were $50 Soundmagic E10, which were very neutral and powerful vocals, but I lost them. I am now looking for a bit better and and expensive buds. I am no sound expert or "head fi". but probably in between that and a casual listener. I listen to all types of musis such as electronic dance music, which is a bit bassy and upbeat, and I listen to an equal amount, of mainstream pop, indie, jazz, etc. I would like the IEMs to have a punchy bass, but not present all the time like the beats. Also, decent highs, and powerful vocals too, where the vocals really stand out. The bass, highs, and trebles are all important too.

          All earphone suggestions and details on them would be really really appreciated! Thanks - Sean