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DC or Marvel?

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Let me start this by saying that I'm only a casual comicbook/superhero fan. I didn't even take any notice of which superheroes belonged to which company (DC or Marvel) until recently. However, ever since I was a kid, I would be drawn to certain charcters and not others. Only recently did I discover that the characters I was drawn to belonged to the DC comicbook company. Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and The Flash. These were always the heroes I was interested in. They all seem ,to me at least, to have some kind of edginess and a certain darkness that the Marvel characters lack.

Now I don't know much about comics, and I don't know much about the back stories behind the characters. I'm talking purely about the characters' aesthetic image.

This prefererence of mine translates over to the movies as well. I noticed that I found the Marvel affiliated movies kind of uninteresting. At the same time I have always been more excited about the DC movies, and found them to be the better movies as well. This was all before I was conscious of the DC/Marvel rivalry.

This is an indication that the 2 companies may have a distinct identity and aesthetic. I can't really put my finger on what these differences are, but I recognize that they exist.

I'm hoping that anyone with a better knowledge of comicbook culture could enlighten me on this topic, or if anyone has any opinions/preferences of their own.

I hope this topic isn't too far removed from the interests of any members in this forum. (Or too nerdy, but I highly doubt that).

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Dc for comics. Marvel for movies.
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I stop collecting comics 10 years ago, but back then it was all about Image for me. Spawn, Wildcats, Gen13...... 

The last comic book I bought was Spawn Batman by Frank Miller. I would love to see Spawn make a cameo in a Batman movie!

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From DC I only read Batman as I never really shared my Dad's, Uncle's, and brother's fascination with Superman on any medium; I read a lot of Marvel though, mostly Spiderman, the X-Men and all the spin-offs (X-Men Gold team, X-Factor, X-Force, eXcalibur), plus the Transformers-GI Joe comics where the Joes played the same role as the SOCCENT Rangers who were featured later and made it to the Michael Bay flicks. Movies, used to be they all sucked, but here comes Nolan and the more recent Marvel movies with tie-ins; Transformers were great as long as you can enjoy what Michael Bay does best, which is all explosions and everything that will make your home theater all the more enjoyable.


Cartoons, DC just seems to do them better. There was the Batman series in the 90s, Beyond is also good, then the Justice League and Unlimited. For some reason I couldn't really enjoy the Marvel cartoon series, save for the classics with crap animation, like the one where we got the Spidey masturbation meme, and the Captain America intro song that I was singing at the movie premiere and all my friends thought I was retarded until some older guy started singing along and gave me a high-five.


Video games I'm with Marvel - I had all those Spiderman beat-em-ups from the 16-bit era, Maximum Carnage being my favorite (also one of my favorite arcs in the comic books, when Venom was cloned and they had to fight a Power Rangers-like team of symbiotes), plus the side top-view 8-bit and side scrolling 16-bit X-Men games, and the arcade beat-em-up that had Nightcrawler in it punching Sentinels. Then the fighting games, from COTA to Marvel, then the Capcom crossovers - and back then I mastered how to do 99 hits with Psylocke. Before Arkham I never really played any DC video games (don't even remember any), and when my friend tried to get me into Injustice, what actually happened when we got to his house was to load the PS2 emulator on his laptop and we enjoyed the nostalgia of laughing at "Stars and Stripes!," panicking when we hear "Reality Gem!" or him screaming in frustration when I counter attack and hit a perfectly timed "Maelstrom!" (and laughing at Psylocke's chest bouncing at the end).

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