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I`m looking for a good smartphone (android or windows) with good sound quality for max. 200 Euro. I have a Nokia 520 and the sound quality is disappionting ( a sansa fuze+ for expample ist better). Please no old stuff like Galaxy 1 (even if the sound quality is awesome). Micro SD Slot and replacable battery woul be nice but not an absolute must.


The best sounding Mp3 Players I`ve heard are:


1. Teclast t51


2. Ipod nano 6g


3. Cowon i10


Motorola moto g and the new HTC Desire 310 are very interisting smartphones in their price range -  but how good ist the sound quality? Does anybody know how good (or bad) Huawei smarthones sound?


My mobile headphone is the Creative Aurvana Live 2.