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Crossfade LPs are not a good headphone for you at all. They're a basshead's headphone, to the point that they sacrifice clarity for thunderous bass. Everything else will sound incredibly recessed. While the Crossfade LPs are - by and large - a guilty pleasure, and something everyone should listen to once, I would scoff at the idea of making them my main driver. I listened to the LP2s, which are supposedly a more "refined" version of the LPs. I'd hate to see how their predecessors perform. There are some people who genuinely enjoy them, but for anyone who doesn't care for bass, they are at the very bottom of the laundry list. Build quality is outstanding, though.

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Are the skullcandy aviators any good for rock or are the 440s better
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You'll find the occasional good review for the Aviators, but I always steer clear of celebrity-endorsed products unless there's a major exception to the rule. Q701, for example, because Quincy Jones is as much a celebrity as Atticus Ross; you might as well have the Easter Bunny sponsor your product. The headphones made him famous, not the other way around.


I had a friend who has gone through multitudes of headphones on another forum. He's tried out the Aviators and did not care for them. His review is here. I'm probably going to get warned for not seeing some fine print rule saying "no linking to other websites, it might take away from the billion-something daily unique hits," but nonetheless, it's there for your benefit.

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Well theres the donscorpio dolphins. The dolphins would probably be the best for rock because of its bright highs. The sub bass is emphasised a bit according to the asian headphone thread
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