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Xiang Shen 708B Info

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I purchased this item off of Ebay and was wondering if anyone owns this amp. I looked on the forums here and could only find info on the older model with the glass window and dummy tube in the front. This newer model (I guess it is newer) has a revised circuit with better caps and such. Anyone own one that can tell me how they like it? I know, kind of late to ask but it was so chap I couldn't loose....

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I saw these and was surprised they used the same part number as the older one. I have the older one and are into 3 months of slow lazy modifying. I machined a new clean front panel with no window and it looks a little like the new one. When I saw the pictures of the circuit on Ebay it looks like similar layout with all the boards on one board, Power and Audio, and it does look like they have used some better components. At a guess there will still be some basic mods to make it much better. Also the valve selection is the same so reading the other mods on this forum for valve rolling will make a cheap fun way to upgrade it, nothing is better than getting some new valves in the mail and listening to a bunch of music.


Good luck with it, add some pics with the lid off..and valve roll it as soon as possible. Does it have the 6Z4 or the 6X4 rectifier tube, the pin mods to move to the 6X4 will be the same as per the other mod forum for the old model.

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