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Looking for new headphones! Help!

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Hello Head-Fi! Long time lurker, first time poster here.


I'm looking to do a full upgrade on my audio system for my computer, coming from on-board audio (I used to use an external sound card but, upon getting new IEMs, I began to notice a hiss much worse than the one from the on-board audio). I'm in search of new headphones under, preferably, $250 USD.


I'm looking for something with a similar frequency response curve of the RHA MA750 IEMs, with a fit that's not too tight. As someone who wears glasses, in the past, I've often found fullsize headphones to be discomforting after an hour or so of use due the pressure that's being applied to my glasses against my head. Because of this I've often resorted to IEMs.

Here's what I've looked at so far:
Beyerdynamics DT 660
Audio Technica AD700x
Audio Technica AD900x <-- pushin' the price a bit.

I'll be using the headphones in conjunction with either the Modi/Magni Schiit Stack or the Audioengine D1. Haven't quite decided yet.
On a quick note, maybe someone can also answer a small question I have about the Audioengine D1. (I know it's off-topic =()
Since it has 10ohm output impedance, and I were to use it with 16ohm impedance headphones, is there anything bad that could happen here?
Basic knowledge of physics tells me that I'd barely have to turn the volume dial to get a respectable listening volume, however many sources I've read suggest that the output impedance should be 1/8th or 1/10th of the impedance of the headphones.

Thanks for your time!

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Hey mate,


I know you're asking about IEMs however I encourage you to go to a headphone store and try out the AKG K550.

These are a full size closed-back reference headphones and they come with really nice ear pads that feel comfortable for me to wear for 3-4 hours with my glasses on.


As long as you have a medium-large sized head, you shouldn't have a problem with getting a good seal, and when auditioning these, make sure you press the cups into your head with your hands so that you don't miss the amazingly deep and powerful bass these babies are capable of.


I've compared these to the Sennheiser IE8 and Audio-Technica PRO700MK2ANV, both of which I also own, and the AKG wins hands down in every department.


Highly recommended!

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