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For Sale: SOLD Ibasso DX 90

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
SOLD Ibasso DX 90

Will Ship To: USA

Received the DX90 along with a FiiO X5 on Friday, going to keep the X5 and I am selling the DX 90. Buyer pays shipping fees and 2.9% paypal fees.

I include a spare Samsung Battery.

PM me if interested.

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What is illogical it the price I paid for it without shipping Only used for 5 hours.

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the 2.9% paypal fees for $419 is 12 bucks which is already more than the $429 free shipping amazon deal and plus the shipping fee is on buyers too

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Uhhh, sorry to break it to you, but this is how much it goes for brand new. You can't go around selling used products at brand new prices...

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Sure he can. Economics will dictate what he can get for it. OP, good luck with the sale.

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I received it on Friday at 4:00 pm charged unit Listen to in for 5 hour and put it back into the box. It is new. Did not like the sound, width seam a bit unnatural to me. Don't get me wrong it is a great player but not for me.

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BNIB and LNIB is kinda different... Good luck anyway. Cheers. 

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The only thing I can say is Gd luck!
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PM sent. Thanks.

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PM sent.

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