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Hi guys.


I got my E10 sometime last year I really liked how it sounded. It's quite an upgrade from the Earpods and some cheap Panasonic IEM I've used for some time. Just a week ago though, the portion of the cable just above the jack seems to have loosened and the left earpiece wouldn't function anymore unless I push it inwards firmly. Time for replacement!


Based from reviews here and other sites, these IEMs seem to be good, available in my country (PH), while also around my budget:


Hifiman RE-400: Rated highly here, but based on comments here at Head-Fi, the cables seem to be a little too fragile. I tend to keep my earphones on the whole day so I'm afraid that these might not last me long.


Brainwavs B2: Seems to be below RE-400 in terms of sound but a bit pricier. Perhaps the build / cable durability could justify it?


TDK EB950: Cheapest on my list and sounds good too based on reviews, though the build seems to be quite below the list too.


Westone UM1: I've auditioned the UM1 when I bought my E10 last year and I liked the feel and sound of the UM1 better, though I didn't have the budget that time. There's also the new UM10 Pro, though I don't know if the sound could justify the ~2x price. 


RHA MA600i: Around my budget and build looks great, though it's quite "bass-y" from what I've read. I like some bass, though not the overwhelming type. Could this pass?


Philips Fidelio S1: Looks really good! Sounds good too (based on reviews), though I don't know if we have it here locally.


I'm also looking at Grado SR60/80 headphones, though they don't seem to be the "portable" type. Are there other great-sounding portable headphones that doesn't break the $150 limit?


I tend to listen to instrumentals and female vocals, so its a plus if the unit emphasizes more on these types. Source is iPod Touch 5th Gen (seems good enough since I don't have budget for high-end units like AKs and Bassos)


I hope you guys could help me choose.