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For Trade: Grado SR60

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For Trade:
Grado SR60

Will Ship To: CONUS

Used Grado SR60's.  I'm not sure if they are SR60i's or the old SR60's as I've had them a while and got them from someone else.


The plastic screens and buttons have been removed and replaced with metal screens.  I punched 4 holes in the drivers for increased bass.  I dyed the HD414 pads black and I left the cheese cloth material on the drivers.  


One problem you will note is some of the wiring is exposed at the Y-split.  They've been that way for a while and it does not affect the sound at all.  They work great and sound great.  

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For those wondering, I'm 95% sure that those are the SR60s not the SR60is. The "i" series has longer cups for the driver housing.


Source: I have the SR80s

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