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Free to a Good Home: Brainwavz r1

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Free to a Good Home:
Brainwavz r1

Will Ship To: Conus

This is a free pair of iems that sound great. I was thinking about when I first joined here and the overwhelming feeling of drowning in a sea of hifi. This is a good entry level Iem that doesn't need extra drive. It's a good place to start, only thing I ask is that you return the favor.
***I want these to go to a guy or gal who is just getting started, meaning who doesn't have a stash of cans laying around***
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Let me tell you something.

You're a god damn legend mate.

My first real set of good IEMs were these. The Brainwavz R1. I refer to them as the IE80s of "budget" IEMs. They are fantastic. I love them. That was what I had for quite a while before making my transitions to the IE80s which I still have.

These are perfect IEMs for those who are just stepping into the pool of audiophiles.
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yeah I don't have the dough 4 real high quality headphones but my 150 ones always made me happy and I got the 160 ones and I'm even happier with those so why not pass them on
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Hey my name is Glenn and this is my first post. I came across this post and thought it was amazing. I'm new here and trying to find a launching point, it's all so overwhelming I get so far ahead of myself with all the possibilities. If you still have these and might consider making one guy very happy I would really appreciate it. I've owned a couple different Sony ie, scullcandy, and most recently my favorites were v-moda remix 4s when they finally quit I've been trying to fill a void which led me here. I think being new I can only post 1 pm per day but here is my email in case......g*********@**m Anyway thanks for the post.
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My name is Cody and while this is not my first post...  nor would it be my first set of cans (I currently own 2) I would love to receive these Brainwavz R1's. It would be my first pair of earbud style however as my other two are around ear. I also (before joining this site) gave away a set of decent headphones to a relatively new friend at the time, (who is now going to be my roommate for this upcoming school year) I like to give headphones etc as gifts to people, everybody could always use a set of decent headphones, I see too many people with the ones that come with Iphones etc. If you would consider me to receive these let me know through PM etc. I usually check daily to see what's new on the forums etc.


Even if you don't pick me I love what you are doing here. I love the community on Head-Fi and you're just another story I can tell when I tell people about the site. 


- Cody


(P.S. I would also be overjoyed to be selected for the MEE 151's that you have another post.. But I figured just post once so I wouldnt be redundant."

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I would love these. They would make a nice starter set. Currently the only cans in my collection are as of currently a pair of vintage Pioneer SE 205. Which while they sound great for there age I would really like some thing a bit newer. Insofar I am enjoying my set of 205's but I find they are a bit much to wear in public constantly. Next I need to get a dedicated DAC for my PC.

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Hi, this is my very first post and I would be absolutely stoked to get these IEMs. I'm currently saving up for my first ever decent set of headphones and I have been doing research nonstop. It already feels like a hobby to me and I haven't even started collecting anything yet. I feel like a good entry level pair of IEMs is a great start for me too, because I need to tide myself over until I can finally afford some real nice headphones for home use. Also, all of my earphones that I used to use, are all broken at this point, none of them work because I never bothered to take care of them, as they didn't mean much to me.


It's super cool of you to give these out for free, and I will definitely pass the favor on when I can. I like to keep good things going. 


I really hope you consider me and thanks again for doing this, it's always nice to see nice people.

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I am Ahmed Nihal and I am a student by day and a guitarist and singer by night ;) ( mostly I sit home and try learning some new songs to play or sing ).

Since most of the songs I listen to don't have much great online tabs, its upto my ears and my brain to decipher the musical goodness that lies within each song and this is not easy through cheap earphones sadly. So if could get them they would help me alot and who knows one day when I get famous I'll thank the man who helped get my first pair of IEM's :D


Anyway even if I don't win you deserve a salute sir for encouraging people into the true audiophillia world from those overpriced overhyped headphones out there which are heavly coloured in my opinion.


Good luck to all.

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hi, i'm looking for a place to start and i only have one decent pair of headphones, iems here are either apple earpods or beats, you simply cannot find anything thats worth buying, and i'd love to own these to start my own path and then later help others too! I have family in the US so i can have it sent to them so i can get it, thank you!

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