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Suggestions for Office Audio

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Hey all,


After primarily working in a home office where I could output my sound card to a mini audiophile setup (NAD receiver and PSB alpha speakers), I am moving to regular old fashioned office.


In the office, I can't install a sound card as the PC is highly locked down.  I could probably use a USB type sound card, as long as the drivers are already present in windows7.  I can't install any drivers.


So.....I am looking for suggestions for improving the sound while keeping to a beer budget.


Options that I am considering:


1)    Just buying some halfway decent computer speakers.  Would use what every sound is built in to the PC, which is a HP with an i5.  Probably a fairly generic audio setup.


2)   Buying a small amp and small speakers and plugging in to the PC audio jack.  Again, open to ideas.   


3)  Expanding on item 3; using a usb DAC of some sort.  


I did convince them to install foobar so I could handle higher bitrate material.  Phew for that!


Would like to keep the size of the rig and and cost "smaller".  No set budget, but under $100 is great, under $200 is acceptable; under $300 if something amazing made sense.


Thanks for some ideas.

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Well, the difference between $100 to $300 is a good bit in SQ. You should decide if you want to go cheap, or if you want to go for better sound.

Why not get a decent t-amp and run your PSB Alphas off that?
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With regard to price; cheaper is better.   Please keep in mind that in a commercial office plenty of house keeping and fixit staff come through, so items to disappear from offices.


I am not looking to reuse my existing equipment.  That remains behind in the home office.


I have been mulling over these speakers:  Behringer MS16




Any opinions?

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I ended up going with the Edifier e10. Moderate price, sounds good, they are shielded and have a DSP. In theory the drivers are aimed at the ears based on a desktop configuration.
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