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hi everyone


i have long wanted to have an audio system that sounds like a full size system but that's portable.


when young i had a pair of saisho portable speakers plus the original Sony player

fantastic for its day.


second system was a top of the line aiwa player that a had Panasonic portable headphones with very deep bass


third system was a top of the line sanyo pro walkman and a pair of koss porta pro.


i am now wanting to really put the cherry on the cherry


what help can you guys advise me?


i am going to have the source as a dat to start with sony dtc-8 and maybe dc1000


i am looking to buy the sq50 as a graphic interface and need now a portable amp and a pair of headphones to give me full range bass and depth with the realism of the koss dj200 phones.


what say you guys.