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Hi folks,


As the somewhat modified phrase has it, "long time lurker, first-time poster".


I'm an audiophile from the 80s who has recently rediscovered the passion, thanks to modern headphones and headphone amps. Currently running a Matrix m-Stage and a pair of Sennheiser HD650s, and am considering upgrading the 'phones due to their somewhat recessed treble.


See y'all in the endless discussions :wink_face:





P.S. Do I only get to modify my avatar after I've posted a few times? Am told I cannot upload new photos.

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Hi Yan,


You might want to try the HD-800s then if you are happy with them otherwise. 


I've upgraded your account so you can add an avatar etc. We had to lock down new accounts as spammers were sticking links in anywhere they possibly could.

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aw man, that's a nice setup. Enjoy :)

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Many thanks for the rapid response Currawong! Thanks I'll upload my avatar now.


I plan to take my entire setup into my local store and have an extended listen to the HD800s this week. Excited :D

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