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FIscher Audio FA011 Question

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Hello everyone!



Yesterday i bought my first pair of headphones the Fischer Audio FA011. I read the thread here on headfi about it and got to the part where some people said there were some bad batches of these. I would like you to tell me if you can recognize the version of the headphone by looking at some pictures.


The reason is this: when I listened to them at the store (I'm pretty sure it was the first version, really dark brown colour and coiled wire) I really liked the sound, I even liked them playing music from my phone (No DAC Connected). After buying them, I got home and read about the "bad batches" and I honestly dont know if I could be convincing myself that  they do not sound as good as they should or it's just the way they sound.


They do not sound bad at all, to be clear, but I havent got to the "wow" part as some people were saying here on HeadFi, specially about the first version of this headphone.




So, hope you can help me and here are the pics. Thanks!


Link: http://imgur.com/a/AOehP







P.S: Excuse my english if any mistakes were made.

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that should be the "good" batch. i think they are the latest revision judging from this quote: 


"Not to brag but I'm one of the few here that own a first batch FA-011 and had other 011's variations in possession for modding and comparison. 


The best FA-011 batch was the very first ones, dark burgundy red housing, coiled cables etc. I'll list in order of the 4 variations I've had:


First batch (start of this thread before November 2011 units), dark burgundy red almost black in colour finish, coiled cable, balanced drive. Varying sound and build quality (mainly due to the non coin sized cut out in the foam).


Second batch, very very dark/black colour, straight cable, harder to drive but would distort, some driver issues and major QC issue to overall finish.


Third batch, gone back to dark burgundy but straight cable still, had the same issues as the second batch, earpad quality was of lesser quality compared to previous two batches.


Fourth batch, dark red burgundy and new natural wood colour units, coiled cable, bit hazy treble compared to the first batch but nonetheless very good, new FA logo badges made out of metal rather than brass like old units, I've only seen natural wood units come with the new badge.


Fifth batch, dark red burgundy discontinued? Natural wood colour units in full production, sound very close to original, improved QC, using new badges. "


original quote from DefQon, http://www.head-fi.org/t/545368/review-fischer-audio-fa-011-off-the-deep-end/2040#quick-reply-editor 


and i have a question for you about the cups, is there space in between the cup padding? I know people have mentioned the cups aren't the most comfortable and i wanna know if there is space to stuff some kleenex on the inside of the cup. I'm planning on getting these for myself is why. Thanks

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I dont think you could stuff them, besides they are really comfortable. Maybe a better alternative would be some other pads.

Im not that much into modding headphones, or pads for this matter so i really wouldnt know.
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