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Car audio, budget system

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     Hi. I just wanted to share my plans on a car audio system for my vehicle. I drive a 2007 Ford Fusion and its a nice car, i like it. Its the standard 4 speaker system, no 'audiophile' premium sound. Right now the only thing installed is a Kenwood KDC-X597 head unit. I work at a car/home audio shop so I for the most part, know what I'm doing and can do it all by myself. I am on a budget but I really like the tone and performance that JL Audio sub woofers put out so i decided to go with 2 10" JL Audio W0V3 sub woofers. I prefer 10's because they have less reverb and I'm not looking to flex my windshield out of my car. As far as an enclosure, i got a dual 10 ported Sound Ordnance bass bunker box. It's a cheaper box i know, as time passes i will buy a new and better enclosure. As for an amp kit, I'm going to use a Wirez 4 gauge kit. My store carries Wirez and they are a great company with great products. It comes with power/ground/remote wire, fuse block, some speaker wire and enough loom for the power wire. For speakers, my vehicle unfortunately has those stupid Ford 6x8 speakers. I'm going to have to do some fabrication to fit my 6.5" JL Audio C2-650 Component speakers. I only have 1 pair for the front but i plan to get some Focal Access 165 component in front and get coaxial in the back and eventually purchase a JL Audio JX or XD 360/4, 4 channel amplifier for my speakers. I know i talked a lot and that was a lot of information but can anyone give me input from a professional point of view. Unfortunately i don't have the money to get 2 JL W7's or anything like that, but i feel its gonna be a great budget system. Thanks so much.

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If what you are after is good sound quality and not to blow your windshield off with the sub, a Pioneer P80RS/80PRS (or whatever the current model is, lost track already) and a four channel amp just for the front speakers (plus a subwoofer amp, or get a nice, fullrange Class D 5-ch amp), then run the system fully active. The digital processor will split the signal for each tweeter, midwoofer, and subwoofer, applying time correction on each of them so the sound from each arrives in your ears at the same time. No amount of EQ-ing will fix the fact that you can't afford a Mclaren F1 (and even if you did, why put speakers in it when the V12 will drown it out?), but time alignment will simulate sitting in the center. No need for rear speakers because there is no way to integrate that in a fully-active system, better to just time align the tweeters and midwoofers in front. Also install the tweeters to maximize imaging prior to applying time alignment, and if you're modifying the midwoofer mounts anyway, explore other ways of mounting them at an angle that will also maximize imaging. If you get the job right you can get the vocals smack in the center of the dash, and all other instruments in proper positions relative to it. Yes, even the bass drum, if you set a proper delay on the front channels and the crossover meets the sub smoothly, and you can just boost or cut the sub preamp output level from the receiver depending on what music you're playing (ie some songs will sound better with more bass, imaging be damned, ex. EDM doesn't have any depth in the soundstage anyway).



Here's the Vifa tweeter I have in my car - it goes down to 1.2khz, but I have the high pass crossover at 2khz, 12db/octave.




And a couple more to inspire your imagination ;) (make sure the primary objective is the imaging)

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