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Custom IEM similar AD700

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I'm planning to go custom and wonder if there are any Custom IEM available that provide similar sound signature to the AD700 ?

I love the sparkly highs and the details of the AD700 and would love to get a pair of CIEM that have these attributes + perhaps a little more bass.


I mostly listen to acoustic but also appreciate pop and hip hop but never rock.

My budget is 1500$ and would prefer to listen straight out of my Iphone.


These are currently on my top list.

1. Noble K10

2. Jh13pro FP

3. Earsonics EM32/EM6

4. UM Mentor


If anyone have heard these please post your opinion, other options are welcomed cheers ! :etysmile: 

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I think you'd like the JH 13 based on the numerous reviews I've read about it. Extremely detailed with a tiny bit of bass boost to make it more musical. FYI none of those will actually sound similar to the ad700 because of iem/full size headphones inherent differences. Not to mention balanced armature drivers have a distinct timbre compared to dynamic drivers.
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Thank you for your input.


I was initially thinking the same way but i also own the SM3 and apart from being a much thicker sounding IEM it comes quite close in term of sound stage.

However i have problem getting good seal from my left ear consistently so i was hoping a CIEM would provide just that with more balance and details in the upper region. 

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customs will definitely provide you with a perfect fit.

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