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Help me choose a headset

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I need a headphone to use 99% of the time at my work.

I've a little pain on left ear, so I cannot wear units that tend to pull skin around the ear, such as AKG K512 (I've tried it and returned back to amazon), the ones that gently stays on the ear are much comfy for me. 

My requirements are: around 50 $, need not to be fully isolated, light and comfy for long periods (2-4 hrs), listen to mainly to rock, blues, folk and jazz, I don't like bumping basses.

After some surfing I've narrowed down to those models


  JVC HA-S400

  JBL J55

  BEYER DT235 

I'm really stuck now...

I would like to hear your honest opinion on those... feel free to suggest some more equipment if think it could be ok

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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STOP! Post your questions, "Help!", "Recommendations", "Looking for..." threads in the Help & Recommendations Forum not here.

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