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For Sale or Trade: FS/FT: Fostex TH600

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For Sale or Trade:
FS/FT: Fostex TH600

Will Ship To: CONUS

The TH600 is 8.5+/10. One <~1mm scratch on the silver part of the plug that you need to look for to find. Minimal wear on the headphones overall, from the assembly to the padding. The box has a small (but noticeable and not tiny) peel of the paper surface near the upper right corner of the front. Includes headphones and box, but not the outer carton. I'd like to trade these for a pair of Denon earpads (Audio Technica L3000/W5000, J$ Denon/Beyer, Lawton angle, or MrSpeakers Alpha pads) + stock earcups (either D5000 or D7000) + cash, or 2012 AH-D5000s + less cash.


Will sell the TH600s outright for $old, but I get to keep the stock protein leather earpads (you can outfit Denon earpads or aftermarket Audio Technica, beyerdynamic, or T50Rp pads using the locking disk I'll include).


The D2000 is in great shape - 8+/10. No flaking on the pleather pads or headband. One tiny eyelash-like scratch on the bevel/chamfer of the left cup that's there if you look for it. No box. $285 includes PayPal and shipping CONUS. $25 discount for Bay Area locals able to pick up.


Pics added.


P.S. I'm not willing to ship either of these internationally, so please don't ask (I hate saying no).

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Pictures added!

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Determined that the main thing I'm looking for the TH-600s are newer D5000s + a cash (or a pittance if they're like-new) as they remain the one pair of Denons I've never owned. I'd also be interested in Denon mod parts (ideally a package of earpads and cups) + cash.

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I will sell the Fostex for $old without the stock earpads.


This would make a great deal if you happen to have spare Denon or aftermarket earpads lying around. I will include the internal disk so you can mount non-Denon pads as well (e.g. Beyerdynamic, MrSpeakers Alpha pads, etc.).

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