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B&W P3 + Grado / Alessandro - Good combo?

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I've been using this site as a guide & has helped me quite a bit! 


Currently, I am looking to buy headphones to cover a variety of genres I listen to.

I listen to various genres from rock, hip-hop, classical to trance, house etc. 


I already own the b&w P3, which I bought due to good portability & decent sound quality. 


& I think a good opposite set would be Grado SR 80i or Alessandro MS1i? 


Any suggestions are welcome. My budget is around 100$ for the second pair. 


Thank you! 




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bump. Any help appreciated! :)

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I can't speak on the Alessandro, but I used to own the sr80i. It was my gateway headphone and sometimes I regret selling it. I've since owned the hd650, he-400, momentums, and nad viso hp50, but the sr80i is the one headphone I'm considering repurchasing. It's not for all genres and you would definitely have to have good source material, but it is one of the best headphones for the price. It works best for rock and live performances IMO (hip hop was a hit or miss....although, outkasts' Aquemini sounded awesome on it). I also think those have better overall sound quality compared to the B&W p3's.

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I would rather get a FiiO e12 portable amp. The 0 db gain will make the P3 sound clearer and the +16 db gain will help out on a higher impedence can upgrade. Also, use the remoteless cable on the P3, since the remote cable will make the sound more mid-centric for calls.
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Thank you j0val & pbui44 for the reply. 


I have a FiiO e6 amp, will that be a good option for the p3's? I'll definitely change the cable as you suggested. 

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The FiiO e6 will work fine with the P3. In the meantime, save up for an RS2i or something like that. SR80i is really nice for what it does, but there are better cans in the grado line.
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Ok great, sounds practical! 

In terms of sound, since I've never heard a grado, is it a good opposite sounding headphones to the P3? 


Or do you recommend any other pair to cover the genres I listed out. 

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As a contrasting headphone, the grado's generally bright sound signature (more treble) will give you something different. AKG and Ultrasone are brands with generally bright sounds as well. AKG Q701s are $199 new now.

Sennheiser would sound similar to B&W's darker sound.
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Ok thanks for the inputs. I'll pick up a decent grado/alessandro sometime later! 


Until then, I'll figure out how to make the P3 sound better for progressive trance & house. :P

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Pick up a decent dac for your computer/laptop/home theater pc, like an audioquest dragonfly. The old one goes for $100.
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thanks pbui for the suggestions! DAC for the computer/laptop sounds like a good idea! 

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