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Getting Bass Distortion with My Objective O2 Amp ... Any Help?

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My setup:

Auzen Xfi Prelude 7.1 soundcard running 5.1 optical out from my PC to my full sized Marantz receiver. The Marantz is outputting Dolby Headphone through, naturally enough, the headphone jack, which is connected to the 02. Currently using DTT770 32 ohm with the 02.


This gives me excellent virtual surround sound with headphones for gaming. But ... I've noticed that bass can be distorted. Today I took the 02 out of the chain and just hooked my phones up to the Marantz ... no more bass distortion.


Any idea what is going on with the 02? I did not build it myself but bought it off of craigslist ... could there just be something wrong with it or wrong with the way I have it setup?

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If the Marantz has the Dolby effect enable all the time, the EQ'ed signal could just clip the O2.


First, check the O2 + DT770 with other source and see if the bass is still distorted - if yes, the problem lies in the O2. If not, the problem comes from Marantz.


If the Marantz is the problem, try to keep the volume lower on the Marantz and increase the volume on the O2.

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Reduce Marantz's volume and increase O2's volume... engaging the gain switch if possible.


O2 has a known problem where if the input volume/level is too high, it'll clip and distort.


If that doesn't help, do a quick test: max out Marantz's volume and then try to match that volume with the O2. Then see if the distortion is there.


If it's not there... well... my condolences, your DT770 probably has a hair or something in the driver.


That's also a well-known and well-documented issue with Beyerdynamic's pre-Tesla line-up. The fix for that is more complicated, and you're better off just exchanging the headphone for a new one if they offer to do so.

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Thanks ClieOS and Bill-P for responding!


I haven't taken the Marantz out of the chain yet but I will. I did lower the volume on the Marantz and upped it on the 02 and that did seem to help.


The rattling actually increases when I hit the gain button on the 02.


I'm pretty sure there IS a hair in my 770s--not the first one, either. There is a different rattle in the right channel. I will take them apart and clean them, but I think this is actually a separate issue to the distortion I posted about.


Thanks again!

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For the distortion I think you should try dropping the gain or/and use the AC adaptor.

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AC adapter--you mean as opposed to batteries? I only run it plugged in. I will try dropping the gain.


Also, I did as a previous poster suggested and turned down the volume on my full size receiver and upped the volume on the 02 itself. Definitely improved the bass distortion, but turning up the volume on the 02 reveals a prominent background hiss ... still sounds better that way overall though.

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Another alternative is you set the desire volume on the o2 first, then slowly turning up the receiver volume until you find the best SQ with minimal bass distortion.

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